We provide self-transforming therapy for young girls and women looking to overcome negative experiences.


Hi, I’m Dr. Jana Outerbridge

While studying psychology in the UK I came to the realization that the methods I was learning were not diverse or applicable to everyone. I questioned if all cultures and demographics would be as receptive to the therapeutic approaches. Upon graduating and moving back to Bermuda, this curiosity continued. At this point, I felt it in my gut that I needed to try something different.

After doing deeper research, I discovered that something also needed to be done about mental health and the level of self-love portrayed by the women in Bermuda. As a result, I founded Mayvera Wellness.

Mayvera Wellness has a sole purpose to spread love and teach girls and women the tools they need to love themselves so they can be who they want to be. I anticipate helping to heal thousands of women in Bermuda and Internationally via 1-1 therapy, group sessions, wellness retreats, professional consulting and online resources.