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Mother-Daughter Wellness Experience

Join us for a transformative journey with our four-session Mother-Daughter Wellness Experience, designed to strengthen the unique bond between mothers and daughters. 

Starting January to February 2024, join us for a 1-1 program facilitated by Dr. Jana Outerbridge aimed at nurturing a connection that lasts a lifetime. Each week, you and your teenage daughter will engage in meaningful tasks crafted to develop specific skills, fostering a deeper understanding and connection between you both.

Week 1: Effective Communication and Empathy

Learn the art of communication as a tool for relationship building. Through engaging exercises, discover the power of empathy in understanding each other’s perspectives

Week 2: Self-Compassion and Self-Love Exercises

Focus on nurturing yourselves individually. Explore self-compassion and self-love exercises to promote personal growth and a healthier mother-daughter relationship.

Week 3:  Creating Lasting Bonds and Memories

Engage in meaningful bonds and create memories that will be cherished forever. Share experiences that strengthen your connection and build a foundation for a lifetime

Week 4: Goal-Planning for the Future

Together, set goals and create a vision for the future. Develop a roadmap for success and strengthen your commitment to each other’s dreams.

This experience is carefully crafted to break generational curses, foster understanding, and create a better home life. The package includes insights into the developmental stages of teens, along with all necessary supplies. With a commitment to four weekly 45-minute sessions, and the completion of goals and tasks, this transformative experience is priced at $297.


The relationship between mothers and daughters can have its highs and lows. Mothers tend to want the best for their daughters and having more tools in the tool kit can be helpful. Give this 4 week commitment a try. You have the option to engage in person or virtually.  

Mothers, don’t miss out on this opportunity to strengthen your bond with your teenage daughters. Sign up today for our four-week Mother-Daughter wellness Experience and start 2024 by building a healthier relationship with your daughter.

Invest in a journey that will change your lives and create an understanding between the two of you. Start building a brighter future together—act now as spaces are limited. 


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